Emergency Assistance Program

The Emergency Assistance program helps families, single adults, seniors, and people with disabilities with a variety of emergency and basic needs.

**Individuals and families in temporary crisis may receive one-time assistance for rent and other emergencies. Limited funds are available for assistance and all eligibility requirements must be met

Services include:

  • Food Aid

  • Eviction Prevention

  • Move-in Assistance (1st Month Rent)


Food Aid

We provide food boxes based on your family size to last for 7days.


Eviction Prevention

If you have a home or live in an apartment now, and if you are a family in danger of losing your home or being evicted in a crisis, Atlanta Guardian offers an eviction prevention program that can help to pay for a portion of the monthly rent needed to prevent eviction.


First Month's Rent

When a low- or moderate-income family establishes a new home or moves into an apartment, even if it is for the first time, Atlanta Guardian will offer these families and individuals a housing assistance program that can help to pay a portion of the high costs of settling into a new apartment, such as money for the first month of rent and security deposits.