Strategic Life Plan

This Strategic Life Plan is based on the information you've shared with me in the past.

Mission: In everything I do as a mom, I want to be prayerful, intentional, selfless and nurturing, putting the needs of my children ahead of my own. I want to be there, really there for my kids, creating a home that is loving and filled with grace, understanding, and plenty of love where my kids feel comfortable to try new things, even if they know they might fail. As a mom I will be firm but loving, and since our home will also be a place for learning and fun it will be the place my kids want to be more than anywhere else. I want to be my kids’ teacher, their leader, their confidante, and their protector, even while going about the mundane realities of driving them in the car, making their meals, and completing the tasks they count on me to complete each and every day.




Deadline: 01/15/2022





Financial Security Plan

Deadline: 02/17/2022

  • Change address on Drivers License

  • Raise Money for 1 year of insurance ($2,500) using MiiAngels Bows

  • Raise 12,500 (gofund me) with the help of friends

  • Learn how to buy a car with cash

  • Create a stronger resume 

  • Create a Linked-In profile

  • Apply for 125 jobs

  • Secure employment

  • Create a Basic financial plan 

PHOENIX if we work hard on your SLP, by March things will look so much brighter. I look forward to seeing all the accomplishments coming your way because of all the hard work!